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Some interesting statistics from the USA and Canada!

Boomer Metrics

2011 – First boomers turn 65

15% – Number of NA workers who have a standard pension plan

$2650 – 2004 average retiree income generated from employment

30+  - Number of years the average boomer can expect to be “retired”

61 million – Number of NA boomers who intend to keep working past retirement

To stay active – No. 1 reason given for wanting to continue working

56% – working retirees who see working in a new profession

Soon there will be unprecedented demand for post-retirement jobs.

That demand will not be met by corporations.

To meet their fulfilment and income expectations, boomers will need to become / be entrepreneurial.

Transformance can help you become entrepreneurial and find the right business directions for you.

Please contact our team for more information and to schedule a free 15 minute interview to explore your options with Sue Walters.

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