The heart of Transformance is the recognition of the value of Human Capital and Human Potential.

Individuals working independently or as part of an organization can achieve extraordinary things, with the right mindset, tools and application.

Transformance aims to help organizations and individuals achieve peak performance consistently to deliver extraordinary results.

In a simple sense we are performance coaches who have worked as consultants with some of the world’s major brands such as: American Express, Visa International, General Motors, GE, Mercedes, Abbott Laboratories and many more…

Our research into human performance carried us in many directions and we have distilled this knowledge into Transformance Programs, Mentoring and Coaching.

To be on the cutting edge you need cutting edge tools and Transformance will always be at the forefront of providing them.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility.

For everything we sell we will automatically take 10% of our income and place it into a special fund that we will use to support disadvantaged children and children’s charities. We are doing this because we believe that children are the future and each child deserves a chance to be the best they can be.

We will set up and maintain a Library of Schemes, Charities and Projects to which we contribute and create an annual report that will be available to the public.

We strongly believe that the future of successful businesses is how well they align their values with the needs and values of society as a whole.

We chose to adopt this as a core value for Transformance from the first moments of its inception and we know that our clients will respect and appreciate our stance.

TRANSFORMANCE Service Definitions

Personal Coaching

A Success Coach guides and supports individuals in identifying the areas in their life that need changing and helps them overcome the obstacles that are holding them back from achieving a happy, successful, and balanced lifestyle.

Personal coaching helps people close the gap between where they are currently and where they want to be, in both their personal and professional lives. Personal coaching helps people to:

• Understand their own mission and vision for their lives – we call this “Life CanvasTM
• Set and achieve outstanding goals.
• Manage time and stress.
• Design smarter strategies and action plans for achieving their goals.
• Keep focus on the big picture.
• Improve personal effectiveness, communication, and productivity.
• Improve relationships.
• Become a more effective parent.
Business Coaching

Business coaching is about helping business owners overcome the obstacles that are holding them and their business back.  These obstacles may be very obvious but they don’t know how to overcome them or they are too close to the situation to identify any obstacles. Specifically identifying any obstacles and then working out a plan to overcome them is one of the first steps in the business coaching process. Small to medium enterprises are the potential engine rooms of tomorrow’s economy.

Although they will be different for each business owner, the issues could range from:

• needing more knowledge or information
• feeling lost, no real sense of direction or vision
• working too hard in their business and not enough time spent on the development of the business
• not taking the actions that will drive results perhaps because of fear, lack of confidence or feeling uncertain
• needing to grow personally to handle whatever comes their way in their business

Executive Coaching

Companies often enlist the services of a Coach in order to:

• Assist newly appointed personnel in learning, progressing, and generating results more quickly.
• Assist existing top-level managers with leadership development, self-motivation, communication, and personal productivity.
• Assist existing top-level managers to further develop specific skills, become more effective time managers, and build fruitful relationships.
• Assist individuals and groups of employees to deal more effectively with increasing change.
• Assist key personnel with work/life balance and job satisfaction.
• Coach/train groups of team members to achieve maximum team synergy, customer satisfaction levels, productivity, and results.
• Produce more dynamic and better-performing teams so that the company may retain its employees longer, rather than lose them through disillusionment or from the effects of stress.
• Help with Recareering in the event of major reorganizations

Transformance can help across all of these coaching areas and aims to deliver quantifiable, outstanding results.

To find out more please either complete the Contact Form or call us on + 44 1292 676 362. Because you are unique, our approach is to first understand and then recommend a tailored program to achieve your objectives.