transformance michael walters
Michael Walters, CEO and Coach, Transformance

After a highly successful career in Retail Banking with major banks such as Royal Bank of Canada and Chase Manhattan, Michael became a management consultant. Over the last 20 years he has worked with some of the world’s biggest brands: Amex, Visa International, General Motors, Mercedes, Canon, Abbott Laboratories and GE to name a few.

Over the last 2 years he realized that the difference between successful organizations was not the strategy and systems, but the people and their engagement. The research and planning of how to provide the very best resources for individuals to achieve peak performance has now culminated in Transformance


transformance vickie adair
Vickie Adair, USA

Vickie Adair currently lives in San Marcos, Texas with the smartest dog on the planet. She received her Master of Arts degree from SFASU and was a technical writer and university writing instructor for decades until she "retired" at sixty to start publishing all those manuscripts of fiction and poetry that she had been writing and hiding in a drawer.  Additionally she was a governor at an Educational Establishment and shares our passion for bringing up sparkling children.
She is a highly regarded author


transformance marcos izzard
Marcos Izzard, UK

Marcos has spent the last ten years of his life researching and studying personal development, all that he has learned over the years, he has first applied to his own life, with some amazing transformations. In all areas such as: Health,Happiness,Wealth,Friendships and love. To this day he is still researching and learning new ways to improve his own life and the life of others. His wish for you is that you find Peace in your own Heart and in the Hearts of others. His book the Universal Law is available from Amazon.



transformance alenka tercic
Alenka Tercic, Slovenia

After gaining an MBA from Clemson University Alenka became a management consultant, specializing in Finance. After the birth of her two daughters, Alenka decided to be a stay at home Mom and Entrepreneur, whose Mission is to Empower Parents to raise Prosperous, Positive, Responsible and Accountable Children. She is a highly regarded coach for adults and children alike.



transformance sue walters
Sue Walters, Head of Recareering

Sue has a background in HR and Administration. She graduated from Cornell University and is an accredited Recareering Coach. Her empathetic approach allows her to understand individuals and recommend the best solutions. Basically she enjoys working with people to help them get results!


transformance jerry mcgrellis
Jerry McGrellis, USA

Grew Up in Jersey City, New Jersey. New Jersey Golden Glove Champion in 1979. Lived in Panama for 8 years. Retired from the Air Force.  Jerry is an HR specialist and is currently studying for his Doctorate specializing in recruitment. He is married with 6 children and also found time to write a highly successful semi autobiographical novel. His mantra is “Always try your best, that is all anyone can ever ask of you. If they ask for more you don't need them in your life.”


transformance andrew ruffle
Andrew Ruffle

Certified EFT & LOA Advanced Practitioner.
Andrew has recently relocated to the UK and as a qualified practitioner in EFT and LOA is available online, via Skype or one to one sessions.


transformance helen morris-ruffle
Helen Morris-Ruffle
Certified NLP, EFT & LOA Advanced Practitioner.
Helen has recently relocated to the UK and as a qualified practitioner in NLP, EFT and LOA,  is available online, via Skype or  one to one sessions.
Helen also offers NLP for Business too.


transformance ariaa jaeger
Ariaa Jaeger
Ariaa Jaeger is an internationally recognized Life Coach, Spiritual Coach and Keynote Speaker, Author and social media personality who has taught thousands around the world. Her client list includes Academy Award winning actors. She has impacted millions in social media and around the world. Ariaa's passion is transforming all walks of life helping others awaken their unlimited potential.

Ariaa has devoted countless hours to helping others.
In a HUFFINGTON POST ARTICLE, Ariaa was included in the following article
"16 People on  Twitter Who Inspire  the World"


transformance linda sage
Linda Sage
Linda Sage has worked for over thirty years in the self development field, working with the Homeless to Corporate Executives, from the top category prisons to behavioral support in secondary schools. She specialized for many years with Young Offenders and Excluded Teenagers as well as Adults with SpLD.

Linda has taught in schools, colleges, universities, prisons, corporate training as well as small groups and 1-2-1 mentoring. Linda Sage Mentoring is now one of the prime global online mentoring sites offering many possibilities for personal and business development.

Linda is passionate in her belief that unleashing human potential and increasing self confidence is the key to personal happiness and fulfillment. No matter what people are looking for in their lives whether it is personal or professional it is achievable and she has proved this thousands of times over in an array of countries.

transformance personal coaching for change linda sage



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