Terrence Robinson and Mike Walters join forces for Transformance

transformance terrance robinson Terrence Robinson needs no introduction to NFL and sports fans. Following a rewarding football career that started with a Cowboys Scholarship to Oklahoma State University, he moved on to Pittsburgh Steelers, Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks. He then spread the fame and excitement of NFL to Europe playing for Dusseldorf Rhein Fire in Germany. One thing was always clear Terrence, was not just and athlete he was a born leader.
All good things change and when the game was over, Terrence moved on to become a successful business entrepreneur. In summary he is a Star Athlete, Star Leader and a Business Rock Star.

However Robinson knows the power of having the right coach to take performance to the next levels. Terrence was recommended to take a look at Mike Walters and they started working together during 2012. Mike had previously just focused on Corporate Consulting and Coaching having worked for many of the world’s biggest brands like: GM, Amex, Visa International, Mercedes, Audi and many more. Over the last 2 years he has majored in Personal Performance, helping many individuals achieve change; real change that leads to success.

Terrence realized two things – Mike Walters was the real deal and secondly that coaching individuals and business owners was something that Terrence really wanted to do.
Terrence said

“I had the privilege of meeting Michael Walters through a mutual acquaintance. I found him to be extremely sincere, personable and driven by a desire to help business owners and individuals like myself strive to reach higher points imaginable through his transformance and life coaching canvas.  For what he's helped me to accomplish personally, professionally and financially over the past several months there can't be another soul out there that can perform like he does.  Since working with Michael my further interaction with him has solidified the fact that he is not only a very intelligent businessman and life coach but a man of integrity and truly enjoys what he does.  The products he is introducing into the market are top notch and destined to help business owners and individuals across the globe find success in their personal and business lives.  I highly recommend Michael Walters and his life coach transformance program and strongly encourage you to take a look at what he's doing to change the lives of business owners and individuals with an approach that's unheard of.”

As well as his personal business success, Robinson has also majored on health and wellness ( The synergy between Robinson and Walters means that their programs will help individuals, business owners, executives live active, healthy, fulfilled and efficient lives at the same time as achieving greater personal success. It goes without saying that their programs will also be highly effective at the Corporate Level.

Both are really excited about the venture and look forward to helping as many people as possible achieve lasting success and live life to the max.

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